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Telnet program

Bandit BBS Web Login

For a time that has long past BBS's were the thing before the Internet took hold. I have brought mine back up out of nostalgia and enjoyment of running the board and playing doors.My started my first bbs in the '90s, and brought it back online on the internet in the mid 2000s. Both times running it until the machine they ran on died.

Below you can login with the web portal to the bbs. At the bottom of the page you can find links to software that will allow you a direct connection to the BBS. Some of the games play better with a direct telnet connection. The address is

Hyperterminal Private Edition 6.3 Have had a few false positives from antivirus from the installer, but have used this software since the early 2000s.
Syncterm Good program, reminds me a bit of the old dialup programs. There are versions here for Windows, Mac, and Linux.